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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
How to protect yourself from scams during foreign trips article discusses the 5 common scams tourists fall for:

1. Scammers posing as fake police officers and going through your wallet to check for counterfeit bills, and stealing some bills in the process.

2. Creating a distraction and then stealing your wallet

3. Money changing errors, with cashiers handing you back less cash that you were supposed to get.

4. Unscrupulous cabbies who may drop a large bill you handed them and then claim that you gave them a smaller bill.

5. Acting as a good samaritan, and doing things like taking you to a ATM machine and then trying to steal your PIN.

I myself have fallen victim to an unscrupulous cabbie while in Spain. The cabbie took me from airport to the hotel, and when we reached at the hotel, he kept manipulating the meter until the price was almost twice of what the taxi meter was showing previously. I asked him about the change in price in English but he kept replying angrily in Spanish. Frustrated, I just gave him the money (36 Euros instead of 20 Euros which was the normal rate as I found out later). Going forward, to avoid such unpleasant incidents, I made sure to check with the local hotel employees (who knew English) about the expected taxi fare. While returning back to the airport, I asked the local cabbie ahead of the time regarding the fare to the airport, and took it only after his rate was reasonable.

For complete article: 5 Scams Foolish Tourists Always Fall For
posted by Little Rishi @ Wednesday, September 23, 2009  
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