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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Olevia HDTV problem - channel controls not working
Recently, we started having problems with our 42" Olevia LCD (Model 242-T11) channel control buttons.

As we were away, we hadn't used the TV for a few weeks. Recently, when I turned it on, the TV was working fine but for some reasons, the channel up and down buttons on the TV as well as on the remote stopped working. The only way I could change channels was by entering the channel numbers directly (using the 1 through 9 buttons) on the remote control. All other buttons located directly on the TV as well as on the remote were working fine. Removing and reinserting the remote control batteries also didn't fix the problem nor did a quick search on the internet provided much clues.

Finally, I emailed Olevia's Tech support and through their help, was able to resolve the issue. Basically, I needed to do the Auto Channel Search again. The steps were as follows:

1) Press the SOURCE button on the remote (or the TV itself) until CABLE is visible on the upper right (as per the Tech Support, I needed to make TUNER visible, but since I didn't have that option, I just set it to CABLE and that proved option proved to be fine in resolving the problem.
2) Press the MENU button on the remote,
3) Press the DOWN arrow key until you see SETUP, press ENTER.
4) Press DOWN until you see TV, press ENTER.
5) Press DOWN until you see AUTO CHANNEL SEARCH, press ENTER
6) Press DOWN until you see CABLE (for antenna, use AIR), then press ENTER.
7) Choose the STANDARD (if STANDARD does not give you the channels, try AUTO) option. The scan process starts and takes about couple of minutes to complete.

The above steps did the trick and I can now change the channels using the buttons on the TV and remote.

Here's the contact info for Olevia's Tech Support in the US:

Olevia's Web site: Olevia Tech Support
Phone: 866-965-3842
posted by Little Rishi @ Tuesday, January 27, 2009  
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